About The Deep Project Initiative


We believe that there is more to life than what is seen on the surface; that despite our superficial differences, each person and community has been gifted with the potentiality to flourish on the outside. We have also come to realize that what is seen without is a result of many factors that are either keeping or allowing whatever that is within . . .

It is with this belief and the goal to make it a seen reality that The DEEP Project Initiative is established with a longterm plans to sustain it and to help people and communities sustain themselves by fashioning out bloom from there supposed gloom.



The DEEP Projects Initiative® is an open international initiative for deploying local projects for the purpose of facilitating and improving quality of living in areas of low quality and standard of living through Technology, Health and Education.



Our mantra is “Unearth, Explore”. Doing our best to make sure each individual or community realizes its full potential. This is because we believe everyone and any community has value to offer. So this is the consciousness we strongly intend to cultivate in the heart of every individual and community.



We are not a big NGO and neither are we planning to be one . . . what we are particular about is to set each person and community on a course that would make them realize the values locked within and create enough space to express these values without in a concerted and productive manner that would not only benefit the value holders but all entities around them.
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