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Who is The Deep Project Initiative?


We believe that everyone has value to offer and this is the conciousness we strongly intend to cultivate in the heart of every young individual.

The DEEP Project Initiative is an open international initiative for deploying local projects for the purpose of facilitating and improving quality of living in areas of low quality and standard of living through TechnologyHealth and Education..

Our mantra is “Unearth, Explore”. Doing our best to make sure each individual or community realizes its full potential. This is because we believe everyone and any community has value to offer.


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What is the project?


Though every one is born with different ingenuities, effectiveness and productivity would not be actualized if there are no carefully designed systems and environment to facilitate creativity.

The DEEP Project Initiative is embarking on an Educational Project that involves implementation of a new educational system that combines Formal Educational Curriculum with the Technical/Vocational Education and we are starting with kids who do not have the resources to continue their educational pursuit or those who failed in their high school leaver's certification exams.

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To assist in the overall project we are looking for passionate people who are able to assist in:
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